Freedom DeFi provides the highest fixed APY in the industry , charging rewards every 30 seconds and simple «Buy-Hold- Earn» system that increases quickly your portfolio in your wallet with fixed interest rate of 2,56% a day or 1,027,030.60% per annum without any action.

How does APY Freedom DeFi fight inflation of tokens $FREE at such high values?

Freedom DeFi provides the highest APY on DeFi market – 1,027,030.60%. Such high annual interest rates must inevitably lead to steep inflation of tokens $FREE and reduced profitability for its holders. Developers of Freedom DeFi coped with the problem brilliantly using next mechanisms in the system of auto staking:

  • Risk Insurance Fund (RIF) – 4% of token$FREE trading volume is held in RIF, that helps maintain rewards for staking provided by positive rebase.
  • Treasury- 3% of the purchase and sale of tokens $FREE goes directly to the treasury of Freedom DeFi that supports RIF and provides marketing budget and financing the development of new products.
  • Fire- 2% of token $FREE trading volume burn in the fire. The more traded, the more tokens are burned in the fire thereby reducing the circulating supply of tokens $FREE, and the value of tokens remains the same maintaining stability of the project.
  • Auto-Liquidity – 4% of token $FREE trading volume goes to support the liquidity of $FREE/BNB pair on PancakeSwap providing ever-increasing value of $FREE.

Also Freedom DeFi team was able to implement one of the fastest Rebases equal 30 seconds which allowed to make more linear progress of APY and at the same time to work steadily and without interruption. Thus, the holders of tokens will be able to sell them any time and they won’t have to wait for the next rebase long.

The opening of Private Sale on Freedom DeFi platform.

There are only days until Private Sale opens on Freedom DeFi. Private Sale will take place in the form of Fair Launch so everyone will be able to invest in the project from 1 BNB till 100 BNB at the price of $0,07 for a token $FREE. Listing of tokens will take place on PancakeSwap and the price of listing will be 0.1$ for a token $FREE.

Giveaway from Freedom DeFi

Freedom DeFi is holding the largest airdrop among the Private Sale investors. The giveaway will be held among all participants at random immediately after the Private Round! Total to be played:

AirPods Pro: 50 pieces,
Iphone 13Pro Max: 30 pieces,
MacBook Pro: 20 pieces
The main prize will be- Robinson helicopter!

To take part in this giveaway you need to invest in Private Sale from 1 till 100 BNB. After that your wallet will automatically be added to the list of the participants of the giveaway! Immediately after the end of Private Sale wallets winners will be chosen randomly which will receive its prizes. The prizes will be delivered anywhere in the world by the development team.