In 2021 Web3Port core team established Web3Port Accelerator. Web3Port Accelerator, a fully standardized accelerator platform dedicated to “investment, financing, management, withdrawal”, drives the growth of startups through its unique funnel model and professional acceleration module.

Web3Port Accelerator has built a huge Web3 network of resources through two-year growth, including 1300+ startups, 500+ international VCs, 500+ partners, 60+ mentors, 10+ public blockchains, 300+ KOLs and 20+ prestigious world-class universities.

Web3Port Accelerator is committed to offer 360-degree support for startups, from funding to mentor instructions, from marketing to globalized development. Web3Port Accelerator has been widely praised by markets depending on its powerful network and professional expertise.

Based on these achievements, Web3Port Accelerator has secured investment from 20+ top-tier institutions, such as HashKey Capital, SNZ, Spark Digital Capital.

To boost the development of the Web3 industry, Web3Port announces the establishment of Web3Port Foundation, a Web3 foundation.

Web3Port Foundation is an international multi-stage technology investment platform that backs and amplifies leading blockchain enabled solutions to build truly differentiated businesses across all market.

Web3Port Foundation, a primary fund worth of $100m, supports early/medium-stage startups. At the same time, Web3Port Foundation will join hands together with the $1b secondary fund by Web3Port’s partners to get deeply involved in and support high-quality and mature projects.

Web3Port Foundation will work closely with Web3Port Accelerator to fund potential Web3 startups. This is Web3Port’s confidence and commitment to the promising Web3 industry. We strongly believe that Web3Port is able to support more innovators with great potential and help them make a breakthrough through direct investment and mature and professional acceleration solutions.

Last but not least, individuals and teams who are passionate about the Web3 industry are welcome to reach out to Web3Port Foundation, to build together a more open, free and inclusive Web3 ecosystem.