Financial trading platform Spectre is taking the digital finance space by storm with its cutting-edge low-fees non-broker trading platform. The Spectre, a multi-asset platform, offers trading support for various assets, including forex, cryptocurrency, metals, global equities and stocks.

Spectre will no doubt be exciting for all categories of crypto audience, including new traders, as it allows them to trade from 1 second up to a day on various assets, almost 24/7, from as little as $1, with 70% to 400% ROI on Forex, Commodities, Equities, and Cryptos.

With direct access to all currencies, cryptos and other assets without intermediary brokers, traders can enjoy quick trades, lower cost, and more control over their positions with the Spectre platform.

Spectre has a solid and experienced team behind it. So it’s no surprise that the Spectre team is still making headlines for their innovative approach to online trading. Their business model revolves around a decentralized autonomous liquidity pool (DALP) built on the Ethereum blockchain network. The system checks new orders against the order book automatically. If no opposing trade exists, trades are filled against the DALP.

Spectre operates on a broker-less model, which means it does not hold customer deposits and withdrawals in the traditional sense. Instead, payments and profits are transferred directly to and from your e-wallet, allowing you to trade online quickly, securely, and transparently.

Overview of the Trading Platform

Spectre has its trading platform. The system is web-based, with a simple login process and the standard features you’d expect, such as charts ranging from one second to one day and over 30 technical indicators.

It lacks the advanced tools on platforms such as MetaTrader, but Spectre plans to integrate MT4/MT5 into the platform in 2023.

APIs enable traders to create automated trading bots. Developers can use the platform to extract historical data and test algorithms in various markets. The Spectre demo account also supports automated trading.

In 2022, Spectre also upgraded its trading platform. The latest terminal provides a faster and more reliable trading experience with user-friendly navigation, intuitive menus, and interactive charting.

Traders can trade digital contracts and CFDs on a variety of assets. Making transactions on these financial instruments does not imply that you own them. Instead, traders attempt to forecast the direction of price movements – up or down. If the prediction is correct, they profit based on the difference between the starting and ending prices.

No Broker Needed

Deals are made directly against Spectre’s liquidity pool or other traders when using Spectre trading. It all works without the involvement of a broker. The liquidity pool is created through crowdsourcing (controlled by multiple parties, not one broker). As a result, neither traders nor Spectre has access to it. Instead, the platform employs blockchain technology to accomplish this.

Gamified Trading has also developed a unique “Trader’s Bay” system that effectively gamifies trading. It introduces unique gaming elements into its digital trading contracts, making it fun for investors and traders to have an excellent user experience.

Users can utilize Trader’s Bay to purchase upgrades and privileges that improve their earning opportunities. Some of these include turning on payouts of 400%, doubling the possible trade allocation size and doubling the limit of open positions at a given time.

This feature is exclusive to Spectre.ia and has increased the number of traders and investors on its platform.

About Spectre is a blockchain-based binary options trading platform that provides a new type of broker-less trading requiring no minimum deposit and utilizing crowdsourced technology.