DeFi Technologies Inc. (the “Company” or “DeFi Technologies”) (NEO: DEFI) (GR: RMJR) (OTC: DEFTF), a technology company bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and decentralized finance, announced today that Valour Inc. (“Valour”), its wholly owned subsidiary and a pioneer in digital asset exchange traded products (“ETPs”), received approval to begin trading Solana ETP (VALOUR SOLANA (SOL) EUR – CH1114178838) on the Boerse Frankfurt Zertifikate AG. Trading of Valour Solana ETP will begin February 2, 2022. The Valour Solana ETP enables investors to gain exposure to SOL, the native cryptocurrency in Solana’s ecosystem, simply and securely, via their bank or broker.

Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in the crypto universe, with more than 400 projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and more. It currently sits among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world by market capitalization1 at USD $30.94 billion as of January 31, 2022. Solana is a programmable blockchain that can run multiple decentralized finance operations.

“DeFi Technologies is moving one step further in delivering upon its mission to empower investors. We look forward to continuing to provide investors access to industry leading ETP’s on regulated exchanges throughout Europe,” said Russell Starr, CEO of Defi Technologies. “We also look forward to introducing several new products in the coming days, and ultimately launching all our products on the Euronext exchange, the fourth largest exchange in the world.”

By gaining exposure to digital assets via Valour, DeFi Technologies’ investors benefit from the standardisation, risk reduction and operational efficiency of a centrally-cleared product listed on a regulated stock exchange. For each Valour ETP that is bought and sold on Boerse Frankfurt Zertifikate AG or another exchange, Valour purchases or sells the equivalent amount of the underlying digital assets, meaning the ETPs are fully backed at all times.

About Valour Solana (SOL) EUR

Valour Solana (SOL) EUR (ISIN: CH1114178838) is an exchange-traded product (ETP) that precisely tracks the price of SOL, the native cryptocurrency in Solana’s ecosystem. Solana is a decentralised blockchain and the fastest blockchain in the world with more than 400 projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web 3 and more. Valour’s Solana ETP makes investment in this leading decentralised platform cost-effective, easier and more secure.

About Valour

Valour Inc. issues exchange-listed financial products that enable retail and institutional investors to access investment in disruptive innovations, such as digital assets, in a simple and secure way. Established in 2019 and based in Zug, Switzerland, Valour is a wholly owned subsidiary of DeFi Technologies Inc. (NEO:DEFI, GR: RMJ.F, OTC: DEFTF). For more information on Valour, visit

About DeFi Technologies

DeFi Technologies Inc. is a technology company bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and decentralized finance. Our mission is to expand investor access to industry-leading decentralized technologies which we believe lie at the heart of the future of finance. On behalf of our shareholders and investors, we identify opportunities and areas of innovation, and build and invest in new technologies and ventures in order to provide trusted, diversified exposure across the decentralized finance ecosystem. For more information or to subscribe to receive company updates and financial information, visit