Currently, the world of cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is developing rapidly, offering new opportunities and solutions for various areas of life. Attracting investments was no exception: unlike traditional investment platforms, where all decisions are made by a centralized team, crypto panels are based on blockchain technology, which allows network participants to independently make decisions and control their investments. The trend towards decentralization and increased user control over their data is called WEB3. To promote WEB3, you need simple and affordable solutions – this is what DAstra Network is ready to Tokenization and WEB3 provide.

Tokenization and WEB3

Launchpads, ICOs and IDOs are effective and proven ways to raise investments within the WEB3 paradigm. In exchange for investment, investors receive native tokens of the project, which they can use at their discretion.

Tokenization allows for fractional ownership and liquidity of traditionally illiquid assets, such as real estate or early-stage startups. Tokens can represent shares in a company, access to certain products or services, or have other features and benefits. If this is a GameFi Play2Earn project, then the tokens can represent in-game currency or in-game assets. Ultimately, tokens can be liquid and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing investors to quickly sell them or exchange them for other assets.

However, despite all the advantages of WEB3, the entry threshhold for using decentralized services remains quite high. For example, most people interested in cryptocurrency still prefer to use centralized crypto exchanges (CEX) such as Binance and Coinbase, but face difficulties when trying to use decentralized exchanges (DEX).

What is DAstra Network?

DAstra Network is a decentralized, but simple to use investment platform that empowers startups and businesses to obtain financial support for their solutions. By harnessing the power of tokenization , the platform facilitates startups in creating and listing tokens to attract funding opportunities. With just a few clicks, startups can now create tokens and list them on the platform to secure funding. This grants them the opportunity to tap into funds from private investors, venture capital firms, and passionate supporters worldwide.

DAstra Network ecosystem consists from 3 modules:

  1. The Launchpad platform offers a secure way to attract investments and protect investor capital by utilizing smart contracts.
  2. The platform uses a native DAN token that can be used to pay for services related to the issuance of digital rights. Additionally, token holders can enjoy additional benefits
  3. Our platform provides an internal exchange where investors can trade and sell digital financial assets of various projects. This exchange facilitates the seamless transfer of assets between investors.

Key strategic decisions on the development of the DAstra Network are made by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization. DAO participants not only take part in the management of Dastra, but also have the opportunity to earn up to 2 percent of the investments they attract to the project. The level of privileges in the DAO is determined by the number of DAN tokens held and involvement in the development of the DAstra Network

Native token

The DAstra Network uses native ERC-20 token called DAN. This token provides holders with various privileges:

  • Priority queue for investments in the most promising projects
  • Opportunity to participate in the wide selection of business projects for admission to the platform
  • Discounts on services for promoting investment projects.
  • Reduced fees for companies from attracted investments

The price of the token at the presale is only $0.008, and at the listing stage it is $0.021. This means that investors will be able to receive almost 300% profit!


Our future plans include expanding the DAstra Network platform to become an internationally recognized investment accelerator management system. This platform will feature its own decentralized fund, enabling startups selected by DAO members to receive funding. Our plan is to promote web3 and decentralization, bring more liquidity to the crypto market and venture capital, while keeping things simple and easy.

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