UpBots and SuperBots, leading platforms in automated trading, are thrilled to announce significant changes under the new leadership of Marco Lavanna and Alpesh Patel, co-founders of Monetum. Lavanna’s introduction as CEO marks a pivotal moment for the platforms, driving forward a series of strategic initiatives aimed at revitalizing and scaling the project.

Alpesh Patel, former CEO of two London-based fintech companies, has led the development and growth of card strategies, managed diverse teams, and delivered innovative global payment solutions. Patel’s deep knowledge of payments, payment cards, and emerging technologies, including cryptocurrency and mobile wallets, enhances the strategic direction of UpBots and SuperBots.

The new team has focused on several key actions to elevate UpBots and SuperBots, ensuring a more robust and successful future. One of the cornerstone efforts includes the introduction of the MBXN token, set to replace the existing UBXN token. This change is designed to address previous issues related to insufficient liquidity and low valuation, with a specific focus on mitigating the impact of 25% of UBXN tokens lost on multichain.

With the recent realignment, Ben Duval remains an integral part of the team in a strategic advisor and IT Project Management role. His expertise continues to be a valuable asset in steering the platforms towards success.

Geraldine Mazurek, the platform’s CMO, points out, “We are committed to enhancing our leadership in automated trading through continuous development and a user-centric approach.”

Marco Lavanna commented on his vision and the upcoming changes: “Our primary goal is to create a thriving ecosystem that benefits all our users. The introduction of MBXN is a critical step in solving past challenges and setting the stage for future growth. We are committed to bringing more liquidity, increasing market visibility, and ensuring a seamless transition for our community. Additionally, we aim to develop more trading bots and maintain constant oversight of their performance to deliver optimal results.”

Introducing MBXN Token

The MBXN token will inherit all the functionalities of UBXN, becoming the primary token on both UpBots and SuperBots platforms. Current UBXN holders as of mid-June will receive MBXN tokens through an airdrop alongside the opportunity to exchange UBXN for MBXN, ensuring the dollar value of their holdings is maintained. MBXN is expected to achieve a higher valuation, attract more liquidity, and draw increased investor interest, thereby enhancing market visibility and benefiting all users.

As a utility token, MBXN will be the exclusive means to access the services provided by UpBots and SuperBots. It can be staked for additional rewards and enables gasless transactions, offering users a more efficient and cost-effective trading experience.

The MBXN token will be available on CoinStore starting from late-June. Additional exchange listings are planned, further increasing MBXN’s market presence and accessibility.

In conjunction with the introduction of MBXN, UpBots and SuperBots are infusing fresh liquidity to support all tokens and trading activities. This will provide greater stability and a superior trading experience for users.

About UpBots

UpBots is committed to being the preferred platform for both beginner and professional crypto traders, offering comprehensive tools and interfaces for portfolio management, advanced trading features, and seamless access to third-party exchanges. UpBots provides tailored solutions for both newcomers and expert traders, serving as a one-stop shop for all crypto trading needs. The platform integrates trading tools, bots, and strategies into a single user-friendly interface.

About SuperBots

SuperBots is the decentralized counterpart to UpBots, offering advanced automated crypto trading solutions seamlessly integrated with users’ personal wallets. Designed to bring the power and convenience of UpBots’ comprehensive trading tools to the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, SuperBots enables users to execute sophisticated trading strategies directly from their own wallets. This integration ensures enhanced security, control, and transparency, allowing traders to maintain full ownership of their assets while benefiting from cutting-edge trading bots and algorithms. SuperBots aims to provide an unparalleled trading experience in the decentralized landscape, catering to both novice and experienced traders looking for effective and user-friendly DeFi trading solutions.