Renq Finance, an innovative multi-chain non-custodial DEx, is now holding its first token presale on its official website. Currently in the first stage of the presale process, Renq Finance aims to conduct 8 presale stages in order to raise almost $20 million.

An 8-Stage Token Presale

Renq Finance is now raising funds for the project through its first token presale. The whole process is divided into 8 stages, and Renq is currently organizing the first stage of the presale. During the first phase, the price of RENQ tokens is $0.02, which will increase after each stage’s hard cap has been reached. Thus, the token price will gradually increase, going from $0.02 to $0.055 in stage 8 of the presale.

With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, RENQ is an ERC-20 token that will act as the governance token of Renq Finance. During the presale, Renq aims to offer half of the total supply to early investors in order to raise $19.27 million. Those holding RENQ tokens will be able to access all future activities in the Renq ecosystem.

The other 500,000,000 tokens will be divided into 6 categories: RENQ Pool (10%), RENQ Vault (10%), RENQ Farms (10%), Exchange Listings (10%), Liquidity (5%), and Team (5%).

How to Buy RENQ?

If anyone wants to join the Renq presale, they should connect their Metamask or Trust Wallet on Renq Finance’s official website and buy the amount of RENQ desired. Once the presale is finalized, the user will be able to claim their RENQ tokens. The RENQ tokens sold will be delivered to users’ crypto wallets.

It is important to note that there will not be a vesting period; thus, users will get their tokens once the presale ends.

Meet Renq Finance

Renq Finance is an all-in-one solution for worldwide crypto investors. The main goal of Renq is to provide a completely decentralized solution for traders looking for a DeFi platform to help them with everyday crypto activities. Through its wallet app, Renq Finance aims to offer users a direct trading option while having the main goal of elevating decentralized trading.

Besides, Renq Finance is constantly working to develop various tools for crypto traders, such as a cryptocurrency data aggregator, perpetual futures, a vault, a lending protocol, a DeFi and NFT Launchpad, and multiple forums. Through all these projects, Renq Finance wants to build an engaged community that can highly contribute to the evolution of the entire Renq ecosystem.

According to its roadmap, Renq Finance aims to launch its Mainned during Q1 of 2024. By then, the company will launch the DeFi services, including a mobile wallet app and a desktop wallet plugin, both offering multiple valuable features, such as margin loans and ERC-271 positions.