The Exohood team is working on their next project in the Metaverse, it will be called “ExoUniverse” which transcends borders, societies, companies, countries and civilizations. The ExoUniverse could be used for all sorts of things such as exploring Mars, playing games, getting professional advice from a doctor or lawyer (who would be present in the ExoUniverse as their avatars) instead of a video call you would enter a digital room as your avatar, sitting, listening, contributing, or introducing other avatars in the room.

Nevertheless this won’t be a Metaverse that other crypto projects are working on as a simple 3D screen. We are going to develop our Metaverse in virtual reality, while others fly over the Virtual Earth, we build on Mars. Therefore you won’t have to wait for a rocket to be built and take you to Mars, since the data we have from NASA, we will be able to recreate a VR environment on Mars. If you are thinking about where to buy your next apartment, the best place will be Mars.

Imagine joining a business meeting or conference as yourself and closing a great business deal, show your ExoArato wallet and make the payment in crypto or fiat, you decide! It’s going to be a fantastic Metaverse in ExoUniverse!

Never forget “ExoArato” is the all-in-one financial services app that Exohood is developing that will take part in the ExoUniverse economy.

Many activities in the ExoUniverse will require a coin, which means we need a crypto. Each world within the Metaverse most likely has its own currency, either usable in the Metaverse or exchangeable for Metaverse crypto. We have EXO token. The need of a Metaverse crypto is essential to run the site itself, in terms of standard blockchain fees, staking, and node rewards.

But if you are unsure of what the Metaverse is, we’ll break it down for you!

The Metaverse is a term used in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel “Snow Crash” and comes from the prefix “meta” meaning “beyond” and “verse” as in “universe”. This concept is referred to as a world beyond ours, being able to access a new reality. It’s already there in a way: You will be able to explore another world through virtual reality (VR) which is exactly what we’ll be doing in ExoUniverse, a world beyond anything imaginable.

What is possible in ExoUniverse?

  • Continuous: It never stops or ends, it just continues indefinitely.
  • Open: Anyone can access and participate in it.
  • Economy: It will have its own EXO currency and trade.
  • Duality: Transcends both the digital and physical worlds.
  • Interoperability: Assets, in the form of money, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or anything else, can be moved and used across worlds in the Metaverse.
  • Contribution: Participants and creators can create, expand and evolve in ExoUniverse.

How would ExoUniverse be structured?

As the Exouniverse evolves it will take different routes. ExoUniverse itself, being a Universe, will be made up of many worlds that synergise with each other in which other creators can combine and create, that is: Mars as the main world, Game worlds, Social network worlds, Digital real estate worlds, Commercial worlds and so on. All these will be interconnected in some way.

ExoUniverse Blockchain Development

ExoUniverse, as something that would have power over people’s work, both socially and personally developing in a decentralized way. As a place where people would want to discuss personal matters or transact; It will have a high level of security. ExoUniverse will be a continuously expanding platform, leading to blockchain technology as it provides the perfect solution with its security, decentralization and scalability. Therefore Exouniverse will be able to run on a blockchain that supports DApps and on-chain compatibility. like Ethereum for example. Yet the ExoUniverse blockchain will have sensational scalability, speed, and encourage a low carbon footprint.

The role of NTFs in the ExoUniverse

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have allowed people to have full ownership of their digital assets. This will be crucial for each participant in the ExoUniverse, since each and every one of them can have their own avatar. In addition, they could open and own their own custom properties for example: a therapist’s office with its patients waiting room, a house to receive friends, an event hall, a restaurant, a nightclub, a hotel or a casino. The possibilities are endless. This could easily create an entire economy, not just in real estate, but also in commerce, entertainment, and education. Avatars could visit an art gallery and purchase the NFT artwork that is sold there; tourists from other Metaverses can visit Mars and spend crypto in the ExoUniverse or visit and stay in a hotel. All this and more can be possible, even generate an income. Not only that, but it could create jobs. ExoUniverse nightclubs need doormen, hotels need receptionists and casinos need waiters, you get the idea! ExoUniverse will be a complete virtual ecosystem where the economic principle of supply and demand will exist.

ExoUniverse offers an exhilarating opportunity to bring people together in the virtual world. It could be a gateway to offer assistance and opportunities to those in a vulnerable state, or jobs to those who can’t physically attend a workplace due to their residence or disability. Moreover, it offers people freedom to be where they want to be and create what they want to see or do. Technology is evolving and the wheels of change are turning and it is exciting to see what will happen in ExoUniverse, being a perfect partnership between blockchain technology, cryptography and the Metaverse.

Exohood has received many venture capital offers for the development of ExoUniverse and expects to close the financing round this quarter. In order to begin construction in this project. Exohood could become a very important Defi platform because it combines within its Ecosystem: ExoUniverse and ExoArato come along with the launch of its native currency, the EXO token for the project to have great scalability within the blockchain technology revolution.

About Exohood
Exohood is an non-custodial automated protocol as we generate value for the decentralized finance ecosystem through services and solutions that help accelerate the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. Exohood is an organization represented by rules encoded as a transparent computer program, controlled by the organization members, and not influenced by a central government. A DAO’s financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a blockchain.

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